The Commercial Industry is growing at a rapid pace, why not take advantage of this growth and expand your Company's image. J&S Photography & Design offers on-site, on location photography services that allow you to take control of how your business is viewed. Whether it is Social Media, Website Portfolios or even blog posts, all of these outlets require a professional look and feel to invite new potential customers to consider doing business with you.

 We offer high end services with your vision at the top of our priority list.

We will create images for your business to use over a variety of media platforms. Have a special project coming up? Why not showcase it to future clients.


Our services consist of setting up a detailed plan to work around your employees and your schedule.

With safety always in mind we will do our best to stay out of the way so production and normal business can continue while we work.  

We provide all edited images to you in a format for whatever end usage you require.

Our rates our easy to understand, there are never any hidden fees:


Our services are billed at an hourly rate of $160.00 hr. and this includes the final edits.

(minimum of 1 hour required)

Travel Time Included


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